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Vibe Music Events

Vibe was founded by hard-of-hearing CEO and Director of Events Maclain Drake as a way to bring accessibility and inclusiveness to the Utah / Salt Lake City music event scene. By creating an atmosphere that doesn't discriminate against anyone, we have found a way to ensure all who choose to party with Vibe feel welcome and included. Vibe has managed to create an inclusive atmosphere for those with disabilities while providing an enhanced experience for everyone through accessibility services for events. Vibe is currently accessible to deaf, hard-of-hearing, autistic, and color blind communities. 

Throughout our journey of building an accessible nightlife sanctuary for these people with disabilities, we have created an all-inclusive premier nightlife experience for all. We take pride in being the first in the state to create an atmosphere for ALL music lovers. 

Our events are not limited to those with disabilities.

While Vibe is in its first few years of growth, we are finding great satisfaction in bringing both up-and-coming talent and well known superstars to the Vibe Music Events stages across Utah. We aim to give hot, new acts a stage to shine on and an inviting atmosphere to grow their fan-bases while still supporting large show-stealing acts that the masses are dying to see.

Our current accessibility services include:

  • Induction loop

  • Vibrating platforms

  • translation services

  • Blind and Deaf Signage

  • Multi-sensory environment design

Vibe is currently a non-profit organization under the Utah Art's Alliance. 

"Accessibility for everyone." 

Vibe in the media:

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